wood stove

Afternoon Firewood Report

wood pile scene in Taos, New Mexico

Look, the grass is coming back!

Phooey. Looks like I’ll have to get more wood this season, after all. And here it’s been so warm until that snow forty-eight hours ago, I thought I could skate by. There’s hardly any actual firewood in this shot or anywhere else, either. The rounds that look like chopping blocks aren’t piñon, but logs that [...]

El Norte Straight No Tourists

bales of hay and pine logs

Can’t eat or burn that money, after all

The hay will keep your animals alive, the wood will keep you warm. Just look at all that hay and those ponderosa pine logs ready to be sawed up for firewood! The ones closest to the bales look straight enough for vigas. I say fuel, though. It’s not the best wood, either, but that’s what [...]

Monsoon Clouds

Monsoon clouds over Pueblo land

Heavy moisture rolling over Pueblo land

The rain is strange but welcome. About the time I decided everyone was doomed and it would never fall again, what did we get but dumped on. Not so much in Taos, actually, but north and south of here. It’s so damn sneaky, too. This afternoon, for instance, my wife drove off to her studio, [...]

Week Ago Wood Pile

woodpile in the snow

Wonderful cured piñon from our once-in-a-lifetime wood guy (Thank you, Steve!)

Just realized this was actually Christmas Day! Oh well. “Nine-days-ago wood pile,” then. I never tire of taking pictures of the woodpile, though. It’s like photographing a loaded pantry or a beating heart. That may be a stretch for you, but you’re not living in a mud hut on this hillside at 7,060 ft. Sometimes [...]




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