Sumer Is Icumen In

wood pile scene in Taos, New Mexico

Another totally acceptable iPhone 6s+ shot. Dang.

“It’s almost May, she wailed, as heavy blobs of snow came plopping down this morning. Fortunately, it’s not so cold at thirty-nine degrees (4°C), so most of that has melted, and if you look closely, there are at least a few apricot blossoms on the half-dead tree on the left. Meanwhile (and after checking to [...]

Winter Hell

snowing Taos winter scene

Not so bad now but deeper than it looks

Herewith a story we can call the reason for the lack of posting. A trifle melodramatic, but mostly true. Winter takes a toll here on the self-imposed frontier. This time it nearly got me.

New Mexico Woodpile

wood pile scene in Taos, New Mexico

Cow shoulder blade voodoo thing in background

Believe it or not, there are two cords in there. The pile is twice as long as it is high, and you’re looking at it from the end. “Mixed wood,” $180 a load, mostly red fir and just a little green. That’s five dollars less than I was paying for naturally dry five hundred year [...]

Tierra Peligrosa

Taos Mountain in mid-spring

You have to imagine the high winds in this photo, but they’re there »Buy This Photo!«

Springtime in the Rockies, as the saying goes. I even let us run out of wood, because I thought the warm weather would last. What you’re looking at here is an all-too typical early May afternoon at 7,000 feet, about forty-one degrees when I shot this image of Taos Mountain in between snow squalls. That’s [...]

Five Hundred Years of Sun

piñon pitchwood

Take a good look and don’t forget

Behold the magic piñon! Do you have any idea what you’re looking at? The dark areas are crystallized resin. You can see it extending in a shallow curve across the cut face of the wood. This particular piece is about five inches wide. It came from the top of a mountain and was probably here [...]



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