Nap Time

strange clouids in the Taos area

After the rain had gone »Buy This Photo!«

All morning long I cleaned. First I backed the truck down the driveway, almost to the front door. I needed to empty the back and re-arrange the contents—boxes of family artifacts from my late Aunt Mary’s house in Maine, the “truck box” (tow chains, jumper cables, tools, rope, lug wrench), the carton the microwave came [...]

More Goods of the Dead

sleeping cat

No wimpy nonsense in my house »Buy This Photo!«

This keeps happening to me. Someone dies, and eventually I get stuff. Not that I mind. I come intensely alive in the presence of unopened tombs. Also garages, old suitcases, boxes, and drawers. Callie the Wonder Cat is curled up here with a bronze sculpture of mine (“Catbeast #4: Caterpillar from Mars”) and some goods [...]

Eat Peyote and Die

Rio Grande del Norte National Monument

Great place for a softball game!

Sitting here last night in front of the old Ashley wood stove while New Mexico decided whether to rain or snow, I was remembering a long time ago when I was determined to get away from Austin, Texas. Oh hell, it was 1975, just shoot me. The reasons were many but had to do with [...]

One Year Ago Today

wave crashing on the rocks on the coast of Maine

Just oh my and gibber honk tweet

Three days past one full year ago, to be exact, I was standing in the ocean on a beach in Maine. I have a photo of my foot in a few inches of water from a receding wave to prove it, but I just looked and there is nothing to be gained so never mind. [...]

If Your Sky Does This, You Win

spring sky over Tao Valley Overlook

A day at the office at the top of the world

Oh, what a day. Windy and wild! You could see and feel the cold air and moisture blowing down from Colorado. A hundred miles away in the direction you’re looking (WNW), the forecast was for one to two feet of wet snow. I love living at seven thousand feet. There’s something so healthy about it. [...]



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