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Lobo Peak


“Welcome to the valley,” Ricky Medina said when we signed up for a post office box. We had no idea what we were getting into. At that time, San Cristobal had the only legal water system in the entire United States that operated without a treatment facility: just pure water piped into a small number of homes from San Cristobal Creek high up in the mountains. Oh God. Almost 8,000 ft up with 90 mile views to the west. Mostly Hispanic with a few Anglo hippies, artists, and professionals who liked their privacy. A scattering of trailers and adobe houses up and down the two dirt roads. Wretched barking dogs. Elk bugling in the fall and running through deep powder snow illuminated in our headlight beams. Bears, coyotes, golden eagles, hawks, and prairie dogs. The occasional mountain lion. Hummingbirds that flew inside through unscreened windows for me to catch with my bare hands. Stars that strobed instead of twinkled. Bulls in the driveway, rats in the attic…

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yours truly

Not a bad life. Resophonic bouzouki, cool hat, new glasses, wahoo.

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Memorial Day 3

Rio Grande del Norte National Monument

Self-explanatory but no less special. Two and a half weeks ago we were all alone on a holiday in this magnificent space and cool clean air. The very reason we left friends and home in Maryland 20 years ago, to experience more of this amazing Earth while still inside these bodies. No, really. That’s why. Onward!

Memorial Day 2

Memorial Day 2 post image

Rio Grande Gorge in foreground, river far below. Photo taken just inside the Rio Grande del Norte National Monument from Cerro in northern Taos County. That’s Ute Mountain in the distance, 10,093 feet high. The extinct volcano is over two million years old. Dig it.

Memorial Day 1

Rio Grande del Norte National Monument

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We were all alone for this, 800 feet above the Rio Grande. Sometimes it really is too much to take.


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