Taos Pueblo

Across the Rio Pueblo

View from the cliff at Taos Valley Overlook

You can tell I’m at the edge of a steep slope by the way the trees go down

There’s actually a gorge between those cliffs and where I stood to take this shot. The Rio Pueblo runs at the bottom of it flowing toward the left, where it joins up with the Rio Grande and its even larger gorge beyond. This means that everything you see is Taos Pueblo land. The cliffs, the [...]

Winter Hell

snowing Taos winter scene

Not so bad now but deeper than it looks

Herewith a story we can call the reason for the lack of posting. A trifle melodramatic, but mostly true. Winter takes a toll here on the self-imposed frontier. This time it nearly got me.

Mountain Rain

It’s raining in the mountains near Taos, NM

Rain moving right to left over Taos Pueblo lands

We can have giant storms you see from over ninety miles away. They take years to get here, but when they do they’re as big as Oklahoma and make all kinds of scary noises. There’s always a big wind from the rapid evaporative cooling that takes place overhead in ten percent humidity, and that whips [...]

Happy Christmas Eve from Taos!

Taos Mountain in the snow and clouds

Taos Mountain two days ago (morning telephoto shot)

Well, let’s see: plenty of firewood? Check. Grocery shopping done? Check. Decorations up? Check. Presents, cards? Check—well, those that got done, at any rate. I’m gradually learning that the key to this is to try but not too hard. Anything that increases emotional pressure of any kind is out, and I mean anything. My wife [...]

San Geronimo Day 2013

idiot in big hat

You have to look the part. Trust me.

Of course I put on my big hat. Wasn’t even going to drive out to the Pueblo at first, until New Mexico Magazine tweeted a link to an bloodless article about the feast day that didn’t even mention the koshares, or sacred clowns. Since I consider them to be the whole point, that meant I [...]



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