More Monsoon Clouds

Clouds near Picuris Peak

Mysterious and wild »Buy This Photo!«

This is a telephoto shot (300mm) from the top of our driveway looking south toward Picuris Peak. It’s also from Tuesday morning and will look the same on Wednesday, given the moisture pouring in from the Pacific over Mexico. I love it, though. Just look: nobody up there! We had a visitor from back East [...]

Monsoon Storm

storm approaching Picuris Peak near Taos

Late afternoon, 7-31-2014

Sometimes it actually does rain here. These western storms are so funny, though. They arrive slowly, creeping and meandering, with almost no wind.* Some of them do dump rain like crazy—this same storm covered the ground with hail a few miles away—but nothing ever goes smash, except from lightning. It’s like this incomprehensibly huge thing [...]

Monsoon Clouds

Monsoon clouds over Pueblo land

Heavy moisture rolling over Pueblo land

The rain is strange but welcome. About the time I decided everyone was doomed and it would never fall again, what did we get but dumped on. Not so much in Taos, actually, but north and south of here. It’s so damn sneaky, too. This afternoon, for instance, my wife drove off to her studio, [...]

Ant Volcano [Revised]

anthill in Llano Quemado

Something doesn’t fit

Here’s a shot from just before the heavens opened up and rained all night and most of the next day. Inside the old adobe, we just got colder and colder. When it’s damp, you really feel it. I lit the pilot lights on the two gas heaters in the house and cranked up the one [...]



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