Frozen Dead

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FIVE DEER MICE IN SEVEN DAYS. Not too shabby. This was the first one. I named him (?) “Victor” after the trap and no I didn’t catch him in a tree but in the kitchen. I’ve caught all of them in the kitchen. There hasn’t been any mouse poop, nothing gnawed on, not a single [...]

Lawyers, Guns, & Money

One of the greats. Warren Zevon in top form. The lyrics are oddly…pertinent, as well. More on Zevon here. He died of lung cancer in 2003 at age 56. Gray-haired me looks at this and thinks, I want my muscles back. Oh the young men. The young, young men.

Look Fast

yellow cottonwoods in Taos

Biodegradable adobes, yellow cottonwoods, & more

There they go, the leaves, brilliant yellow and then they’re gone. Another cold front with 60 mph gusts like we had this afternoon and that’ll be the end. Seems like we hardly just got started, and now we’re at the end again. I don’t know about this mountain shit. It’s just so impossibly, terribly, beautiful [...]

A friend got me thinking about John Fogerty the other day, and I went searching for more recent videos of his on YouTube. This one happens to showcase one of my favorite Fogerty songs, “Fortunate Son.” (There’s a longish intro, song begins about 58 seconds in.) It’s a fantastic rendition that shows the power of [...]

Rock & Roll Animal

cat in a barrel

Golden road to unlimited devotion?

When I was in my last year of teaching junior college—meaning next year I’d be 26 and wouldn’t be drafted—I needed a strategy for getting through that last semester. Three years in the bizarro town 60 miles from the Gulf should have gotten me killed, beaten up, or at least arrested (and then beaten up). [...]



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