Original Inhabitants

pronghorns outside Cimarron, NM

Shot beside the Santa Fe Trail

We saw these pronghorns just beside the road a few miles outside of Cimarron a couple of weeks ago. Sometimes I think about the life force that produces living, breathing creatures like this out of oxygen and dirt. They don’t look worried. Why did I wake up at 3:00 a.m.?

Birthday Present Sky

sky and prairie near Rayado, NM

Kinda makes me miss the buffalo »Buy This Photo!«

That’s the way it looked on May 17, the last time we were out there. Better than the way it looked, to tell the truth, but close enough. The location is south of Cimarron, somewhere between the Philmont Scout Ranch headquarters and Rayado, on a stretch of NM 21 that follows the original Santa Fe [...]

Pronghorn Up Close

another pronghorn

How can I miss you if you won’t go away? (Thinks he!) »Buy This Photo!«

Another candid critter shot from the empty road between Cimarron and Rayado! Looks like this male is shedding his winter coat. I still don’t understand about the horns—just when they shed the outer covering—but you can see them fine here. The female version lacks the upward-turning point. It may not look it, but these are [...]

Rayado Moment

Mule deer in the shade, Rayado, NM

I think I want to be that deer »Buy This Photo!«

Oh man, Rayado. There are some buildings there, but this is pretty much it. You never saw a quieter place. I’d live somewhere around there if I could—feels like a fine location to write a dozen novels. Maybe two dozen. We drove past this resting mule deer on the way back to Cimarron—hey, did I [...]

Earth Called

Prongorns near Cimarron, NM

Pronghorns (antelope) on the old Santa Fe Trail »Buy This Photo!«

Oh my god yes. I’m driving and shouting about the vistas. There is almost no one with us on this highway. The open space is so exhilarating. It’s not too hot and not too cold. The air is indescribable but you want it. To be a part of this! About halfway between Cimarron and Rayado, [...]



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