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female pronghorn

Oh my

Behold the female pronghorn! The animal was semi-corralled beside the fence, allowing me to ease the car quite close, but carefully, lest I frighten her into jumping over. She could probably do this—[nope, see comments!]—but you never know. I’d never had such a view of one and thought it looked quite strange, not at all [...]


As I eased the car up to get closer, she did an about-face and started walking the other way!

You’ve probably never been to a place like Rayado. Kit Carson had a house out here once, or rather someone important (I forget who) gave him the place on the old Santa Fe Trail at the edge of the plains in the hope that his mere presence might discourage Comanche raiders. I don’t know about [...]

More Old New Mexico

Kit Carson Museum, Rayado

An amazing New Mexico experience

Experiencing broad-based evaluation, sensing, consideration of just about everything. Possible birthday fallout, right? Who knows where this goes, hopefully toward more good humor and the light. In the meantime, enjoy this cool image of, what should I call it, the eating area/kitchen of the restored hacienda that serves as the Philmont Scout Ranch’s Kit Carson [...]

Goat on a Rope in Rayado

A goat in Rayado

Just walking along and lo, there he was

If you like the real deal, you’ve come to the right place. Rayado, New Mexico, population probably all dead except for a few temporary Boy Scouts, a lucky caretaker or two, a number of chickens, and this specimen here. The original settlement, established in 1848 by land baron Lucien Maxwell as an outpost on the [...]

Night of the Ten Thousand Pound Eyelids

blacksmith shop at Kit Carson Museum in Rayado, NM

Blacksmith shop at the Kit Carson Museum in Rayado, NM

For weeks now at five o’clock or so most days, my wife’s been saying, with an incredulous look on her face, “Man, I am so knocked out!” Lately it’s been catching and I feel it, too. At first I blamed my nap lust on the ragweed. I tend to leave it growing much too long [...]



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