Xmas Eagle

eagle over the rio grande

Snatched out of the sky from hundreds of feet away via 300mm telephoto lens

We were celebrating our own New Mexico Christmas by driving beside the Rio Grande north of Pilar, creeping along at fifteen miles per hour in second gear the way I do with no traffic when I’m looking to be surprised. As we approached a spot to pull off the road facing the river by an [...]

Xmas Angel

inside the old adobe

Angel with wood stove, bar, and shotguns

The Xmas Angel saved my life again. When I needed to cry, she let me. When she needed to cry, I understood—it’s not easy living so far from her family. That’s why she was sad, along with missing her dear departed mother and dad. I was crying because I remembered my family Christmases and wanted [...]

Christmas Day 2015

Taos Mountain in the snow and clouds

Clouds are moving left to right (toward the east)

They’re supposed to have a blizzard tomorrow on the eastern plains. The mountains will protect us from most of that, but it’ll be damn cold. (When you get down near zero, the numbers hardly matter.) Just a little snow today, probably more by morning. That’s the first batch of it rolling in above. The wind’s [...]

Christmas in the Saloon

old adobe interior, Taos, NM

Bulwark, temple, study, dining room, and only place to be

The wood stove is out of sight to the left, across from the chair with the lamp. There’s a leather sofa on the right that you can’t see, either. We usually eat at the bar. On nights like this—it’s snowing now—I run the stove to keep the room at seventy degrees (21°C). It’s not hard, [...]

Sears Christmas Catalog

Taos Plaza, Taos, NM

Circumnavigating Taos Plaza a few nights ago

As soon as it showed up, I pounced on it. I was ten or eleven years old. Think West Germany in the 1950s. (Oh sure.) We were living in a fine third-floor apartment at Rhein-Main AFB near Frankfurt. Barely-used housing for Luftwaffe pilots’ families, actually, one of the nicest places our family had ever lived. [...]


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