Tres Piedras

Conejos River Valley in Colorado

Conejos River Valley from Rt. 17 between Chama, NM and Antonito, CO

“Look! Look! There they are!” The llamas were grazing the green grass and scrub close to the road. I didn’t have time to slow down and we whizzed right by, but at least we saw them. (Tony’s llamas, by the way. A guy named Tony owns the ranch there on the other side of the [...]

El Norte Straight No Tourists

bales of hay and pine logs

Can’t eat or burn that money, after all

The hay will keep your animals alive, the wood will keep you warm. Just look at all that hay and those ponderosa pine logs ready to be sawed up for firewood! The ones closest to the bales look straight enough for vigas. I say fuel, though. It’s not the best wood, either, but that’s what [...]



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