Weekend Report

kiva mantel, Taos, NM

Mexican copper, grandmother’s clock, a silkscreen by my sister

It was one of those quiet, bright afternoons with a cool breeze hissing lightly in the piñons, the kind that make you slow your pace to listen to the gravel crunching underneath your soles, the ones where you’re completely there. We’d just been to a movie, the first one in fifty years, I joked. A [...]

Christmas Day 2015

Taos Mountain in the snow and clouds

Clouds are moving left to right (toward the east)

They’re supposed to have a blizzard tomorrow on the eastern plains. The mountains will protect us from most of that, but it’ll be damn cold. (When you get down near zero, the numbers hardly matter.) Just a little snow today, probably more by morning. That’s the first batch of it rolling in above. The wind’s [...]

Whomp ‘n’ Bang Friday Night

Callie on bed

Queen o’ the Jungle

Well, the big excitement a few hours ago was the feathers in the eggs. Damn right they were old. Yolks sticking to the shell and little white feathers. Didn’t sit quite right with me, you know. I may never trust another one. Not if it gets up and walks around, anyway. Right away I got [...]

Odebolt, Iowa

downtown Odebolt, Iowa

Johnny got the brick lust blues

America made me take this picture. The America that was. It wanted to say something, possibly “Help!” or “Look, I’m still here!” This scene really grabbed me. I can’t say why, but I’m usually stirred by darkness under the surface. Odebolt (“OH-dee-bolt”) appears to be doing all right, though. Industrial agriculture and will power keep [...]

Road Report: Inca Gold

baby alpaca

Not very old and freshly shorn

Nebraska should be so lucky. Everywhere we’ve been around Dubuque, the world is green and lush. It’s like a joke, almost. A cosmic face-slap. Today we sat out in the “garden room” and had our drinks while rain fell constantly but hardly made a sound as the great green sea of grass absorbed it like [...]


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