How Not to Wash Clothes

muddy Taos driveway

Maybe three days ago. It’s been cold, too!

No, I didn’t lay them in the mud! But I did add a huge fleece bathrobe to the cold water wash my wife was loading (and she knew), but now “nothing is clean!” Eek. Listen to your elders and don’t try this at home, kids. Could be the 40-year-old Whirlpool (double-eek!), but let that laundry [...]

Monsoon Clouds

Monsoon clouds over Pueblo land

Heavy moisture rolling over Pueblo land

The rain is strange but welcome. About the time I decided everyone was doomed and it would never fall again, what did we get but dumped on. Not so much in Taos, actually, but north and south of here. It’s so damn sneaky, too. This afternoon, for instance, my wife drove off to her studio, [...]



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