San Cristobal

San Cristobal, New Mexico (2000)

San Cristobal scene, bumper used as fencepost

Early spring, 2000

Iconic, isn’t it? To me, this says it all. When we moved from our comfortable old farmhouse on the Eastern Shore of Maryland to the mountain village of San Cristobal north of Taos in 1999, the shock was overwhelming. No, we hadn’t been there before—just to Taos, and only very briefly—nor had we actually investigated [...]

Original Buffalo

bull outside the front door in the mountains

Only took the one shot here, no need to stick around

This photo taken early in the morning on February 25, 2001 in San Cristobal, New Mexico, was the basis for the cover of the first ebook version of Buffalo Lights, the amazing story of jumping headfirst off a cliff. No, wait, it’s about our moving to New Mexico! (Haha, just kidding, it hasn’t killed us [...]

Taos Cows

cows just down the road in Taos

Who the hell are you, they wondered

Sometimes a cow is just a cow, unless it’s a heifer or a freemartin or a cattlebeast. For that matter, these might be steers. (Those are all legitimate terms, by the way.) I usually don’t pay that much attention unless we’re talking about bulls or have to steal some milk. In that case, you’d better [...]

October Morning in the West

hot-air balloon passing by Taos mountain

Telephoto shot from the back yard just this morning

We went to look at a house in San Cristobal yesterday. Just a peek-in-the-windows thing. Hearing the traffic go whistling past on the nearby highway killed the deal, but driving up that way again was notable. The mountain village was our first stop in New Mexico, you see. (For the lowdown on San Cristobal, Buffalo [...]

The Price of Breathing

In the canyon of the Rio Grande

In the canyon of the Rio Grande

A family of coyotes jumped a 22-year-old guy in Boulder County, CO the other night while he was waiting for a bus. He’s okay, but his face and hands are hurting. That’s what they went for, the face, and one wouldn’t let go of his hand. Coyotes aren’t supposed to bother adult humans. A spokesperson [...]


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