San Cristobal

The Price of Breathing

In the canyon of the Rio Grande

In the canyon of the Rio Grande

A family of coyotes jumped a 22-year-old guy in Boulder County, CO the other night while he was waiting for a bus. He’s okay, but his face and hands are hurting. That’s what they went for, the face, and one wouldn’t let go of his hand. Coyotes aren’t supposed to bother adult humans. A spokesperson [...]

Pectorals of Steel

hummingbird in flight

Young male rufous? Maybe female??

Okay, maybe I have the muscles wrong. But look at this guy! I don’t think that’s baby fat. If this thing were six feet tall, you’d wouldn’t want to meet up angry at the bar. We used to have these fly into the kitchen when we lived in San Cristobal (no screens on the windows). [...]

Elk Poop Across the Road

elk scat

Maybe I can sell this stuff on eBay

You probably thought I was kidding. But when I walked across the road to get some pictures of the clouds, this is what I found, and there was plenty more. For some reason I didn’t put down a coin or anything else to judge the measurements here. That means you can say it isn’t elk [...]

When we landed in New Mexico, our first home was in San Cristobal. Hardly anyone can imagine, even in New Mexico, how pristine those mountains are and what a holy joy it was to live there. The upper end of the valley backs up to wilderness. You can follow a trail all the way to [...]