mountain lion

October Morning in the West

hot-air balloon passing by Taos mountain

Telephoto shot from the back yard just this morning

We went to look at a house in San Cristobal yesterday. Just a peek-in-the-windows thing. Hearing the traffic go whistling past on the nearby highway killed the deal, but driving up that way again was notable. The mountain village was our first stop in New Mexico, you see. (For the lowdown on San Cristobal, Buffalo [...]

The Thing About New Mexico

Valles Caldera, NM


Via a series of 15 mph switchbacks, we’d just come over the rim of the Valles Caldera at 9,100 ft. A few more curves, and the road dropped into the Valle Grande. The broad flat valley is protected and shelters a considerable number of elk. I stopped at the first place I could. This was [...]



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