my studio, ha-ha

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It has begun, the Great Undoing of the Great Beginning from three years ago, when I brought in boxes to pack up books and obsolete electronics, Xmas cards, and precious (?) artifacts—rocks!—for tossing in the trash or cramming in the storage unit. The half-filled boxes became furniture, with things like wallaby pelts, I kid you [...]

A Zephyrous Notion

overurned lawn chairs

The nerve of that wind

It’s been a brilliant summer so far. If I didn’t wander outside of this chilly (!) adobe, I’d never know it was almost ninety degrees outside. It never gets above seventy in here. Hell, it never gets to seventy, except in the winter when I have the wood stove cranking. Just thinking about that gives [...]

Life on the Frontier

snowy shot of old adobe in Taos, NM

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The days and nights are all a-jumble with the snow. I don’t know where one stops and another one starts. When did it begin, last week? Feels like the stuff has been drifting down in tiny little flakes since I was born. It just keeps building. We woke up this morning to at least another [...]

Original Buffalo

bull outside the front door in the mountains

Only took the one shot here, no need to stick around

This photo taken early in the morning on February 25, 2001 in San Cristobal, New Mexico, was the basis for the cover of the first ebook version of Buffalo Lights, the amazing story of jumping headfirst off a cliff. No, wait, it’s about our moving to New Mexico! (Haha, just kidding, it hasn’t killed us [...]

House Getter

dangerous mystical art device

Now the gods know we mean business

Behold the glorious new day! Just before I’m dead, I come into my own. Anyone can do this, you don’t have to be a fucking kid. (More on that stuff later.) And see? I’ve gone completely native, too. They said it couldn’t happen, but it did. Good God, are we ever doomed. But no, behold [...]



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