Never Too Late

winter mountain scene from Taos, NM

Blue sky after winter storm

I worry too much. No, really. [ducks] What’s new is that I realized that worrying is pretty much all I do. I worry in the bathtub. I worry in my sleep. And mostly, I worry about things that haven’t happened yet, which seems to be the essence of it. Worry, worry, worry, worry. Right now [...]

Dead Sister’s Radio

Taos, NM

She came here once and loved this house

It was several years before she died. In the Christmas package from Austin was (among other things) a little red wind-up AM-FM radio with a solar panel for recharging. I’d always wanted one, and there it was. She must have known or guessed right since she knew me. A radio for someone in the boonies [...]

My sister died last night. I can’t imagine life without her on this earth. Teresa my buddy, my friend, my teacher… She found out sometime in May that she had terminal liver cancer. For the record, that means you starve and swell up until something breaks. Last night it did, apparently while I was lying [...]


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