Okay by Me

yours truly with medicine stick

Just me ‘n’ my medicine stick

For some strange reason, everything is just fine. I’m even having a good time. All at once, it seems, I stopped worrying about everything under the sun and got all excited about seeing whatever comes out of me next. Maybe if everybody knew how old I was, that would be a more impressive statement—you can [...]

Wall of Wonder

building in Cimarron, NM

Must be bigger ones inside

This is also Cimarron, New Mexico. You think you’ve seen it all and then some artist years ago (?) produced this and you intersect. I may have seen a gallery at the other end, which stands to reason. Fascinating place. At 11:00 a.m. on Sunday morning, the big wide street was quite deserted, by the [...]

Zorro Salutes the Crowd

Zorro at Taos fiestas parade

I once saw Ed texting from horseback while waiting for a traffic light

What’s a Fiestas parade without Zorro? (That would be Las Fiestas de Santiago y Santa Anna.) This fellow is actually a well-known Taos artist whose work I admire. (His wife is a fabulous artist, too.) I also have great respect for how he’s put his life together here, insofar as I’ve been able to pick [...]

My sister died last night. I can’t imagine life without her on this earth. Teresa my buddy, my friend, my teacher… She found out sometime in May that she had terminal liver cancer. For the record, that means you starve and swell up until something breaks. Last night it did, apparently while I was lying [...]



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