Charles Whitman’s Bloody Socks

Charles Whitman’s Bloody Socks post image

You can read about it here, but I was there and this is how it was for me. I don’t know why I’m publishing this now, sitting here at 7,000 feet in northern New Mexico so many years later. I actually tried to write a song about it, and I’ve rewritten this essay over a [...]

Good Man Gone

snowy mountains outside Taos

Immortal sons of energy and light

There I was, sitting in front of the wood stove on Wednesday afternoon with the computer in my lap the way I always do, when all of a sudden I thought of someone I hadn’t seen or spoken to for a long, long time: Leo Sullivan, one-time manager for John Clay and the Lost Austin [...]

Eat Peyote and Die

Rio Grande del Norte National Monument

Great place for a softball game!

Sitting here last night in front of the old Ashley wood stove while New Mexico decided whether to rain or snow, I was remembering a long time ago when I was determined to get away from Austin, Texas. Oh hell, it was 1975, just shoot me. The reasons were many but had to do with [...]

The Vulcan Gas Company and Me

Gilbert Shelton poster for the Vulcan Gas Company

Some things just have to be experienced. I was there!

[NOTE: The following is adapted from an 8-13-2009 post at my old blog] The poster is a Gilbert Shelton (Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers, Wonder Wart Hog, etc.) classic I’m proud to own. I can reach out and touch it now from where I sit. But the story starts with Shiva’s Head Band, my favorite Austin [...]

bullfrog tadpole in Rio Grande

Reality is God

Who knows why we did it in the morning, but we had the seeds! [See Part I] The question was, what should we do with them? I’d gone down to Bob’s basement apartment. The weather outside was warm and sunny, but Bob’s one-room “pad” was dim and cool. Bookshelves and a bed occupied one side [...]



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