Astounding Day

Picuris Peak (in shadow) near Taos, NM

Ten minutes from the house to here »Buy This Photo!«

You know how I’m always posting photos from Taos Valley Overlook about five miles south of Ranchos de Taos, itself three miles south of Taos? The gorge, the ninety-mile views, all that?—there will be more of those coming up, but this is what’s behind me to the south when I take those other pictures. Not [...]

Rocks of Ages

cliffs above the Rio Grande near Pilar, NM

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The Precambrian lava at the tops of the cliffs eight hundred feet above the Rio Grande near Pilar is something like 1.8 billion years old, some of the oldest exposed rock in the state of New Mexico. This rock, those rocks, freezing and shattering high above, dark brown with a hint of red, falling and [...]

Never Too Late

winter mountain scene from Taos, NM

Blue sky after winter storm

I worry too much. No, really. [ducks] What’s new is that I realized that worrying is pretty much all I do. I worry in the bathtub. I worry in my sleep. And mostly, I worry about things that haven’t happened yet, which seems to be the essence of it. Worry, worry, worry, worry. Right now [...]

Green Desert

Rio Grande Gorge near Taos, NM

That’s the gorge, of course

“You need to shake things up,” she said. (What, does she know about the Uranus transit?) Hell, yes. Still, it’s nice to be told. The shackles are off, but I’ve not strayed far from the gate. I wonder what I’ll do? Spend the house money on a truck? Oh, no! But it’s beautiful at our [...]



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