Southern Colorado is Very Weird

Monte Vista NWR

A portion of Monte Vista NWR in Rio Grande County, Colorado

One supposes the people who live here (?) don’t feel that way, of course. You should have seen the route we took to get to this spot, too. Oh my God. A dirt road wide enough to land two 747s side-by-side, the kind of place where no one has water to spare for trees or [...]

What the Raven Saw

raven in a tree

Speed kills

Another phone call from darkest Arizona, though I was glad at first. I hadn’t heard from the guy for months. Except for the fact that the few checks I sent got cashed, the last checks, out of my own pocket just to help him out, I wouldn’t have known he even was alive. The inheritance [...]

Kitt Peak Farewell

Rediscovered footage here! This is a short panoramic sweep of the horizon from an overlook on Kitt Peak, Arizona on April 11, 2012. I scattered some of my mother’s ashes there a few days after she died. R.I.P., Helen V. Farr. It’s the same spot where my siblings and I tossed handfuls of our father’s [...]

His wife took one look at it and said, “You’re a screwball!” The appellation from darkest Iowa in the ’50s was a primal zinger, and he felt it. Why couldn’t she have landed on “visionary,” he pouted?—albeit in a manly way. It was one of the most manly things he’d ever done, in fact, renting [...]



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