Juan del Llano

Juan del Llano and the Holy Dirt

old Taos adobe

Biodegradable mansion on the hill

Juan del Llano couldn’t breathe. On this sunny late October day, the air inside the old adobe was just too funky. Meanwhile, at the other end of the room from where he sat to write, his wife was balancing her checkbook, a task he gave up twenty years ago after websites were invented because the [...]

Rat Man

dead rat

It was a stupidly beautiful Sunday afternoon. Dry as old bread, breezy, hot in the sun and cold in the shade. The few clouds that drifted past the sun sent alternating waves of warmth and coolness rolling down the hill. Juan del Llano slouched a little lower in the dead landlord’s patio chair to rest [...]

arroyo outside of Taos, NM

No, really »Buy This Photo!«

The way was tight, but Juan del Llano persevered, stepping over clumps of cactus and sharp edges of broken sage to plant his boots in unmarked golden sand. It was precisely this that drew him to explore such places, quiet, mysterious, and protected, where secret magic dwelt. In that way there was always something precious [...]

Things were going well enough for Juan del Llano. The passing of his mother, maddened and dangerous in her final years, had smoothed him out and changed his face a little. He used the modest cash from his inheritance to pay off credit cards and spent freely on his needs until the fear of running [...]

His wife took one look at it and said, “You’re a screwball!” The appellation from darkest Iowa in the ’50s was a primal zinger, and he felt it. Why couldn’t she have landed on “visionary,” he pouted?—albeit in a manly way. It was one of the most manly things he’d ever done, in fact, renting [...]