Ghost Volcano

San Antonio Mountain

Looks to me like it’s advancing

This is San Antonio Mountain (10,9o8 ft), a free-standing volcanic peak in the Taos Plateau volcanic field of the Rio Grande Rift valley. I took the telephoto shot at 5:37 p.m. Mountain Time two days ago before the big snow on Sunday. You’re looking at that weather coming here, in fact. The leading edge of [...]

Ant Volcano [Revised]

anthill in Llano Quemado

Something doesn’t fit

Here’s a shot from just before the heavens opened up and rained all night and most of the next day. Inside the old adobe, we just got colder and colder. When it’s damp, you really feel it. I lit the pilot lights on the two gas heaters in the house and cranked up the one [...]

A Sense of Space

small portion of the Valles Caldera

Medicine country

Another shot from the Valle Grande in the Valles Caldera between White Rock and Jemez Springs on New Mexico Route 4, a road I highly recommend if you don’t mind some truly scary switchbacks. (Don’t let Junior drive!) You have two assignments: 1) find the automobile, and 2) locate this forested lava dome in the [...]

Popcatepetl Video and Site News

Those things go together, right? This is of course the famous Popocatepetl volcano in Mexico, which has been very active this year. (Here are the results of a YouTube search.) You’re looking at a telephoto capture of some of today’s activity at the 17,802 ft peak of this 730,000-year-old volcano, the second-highest peak in Mexico. [...]

Big! Bright! Brrrr!

View from Taos Valley Overlook

San Antonio Mountain, the extinct volcano in the background, is 10,908 ft tall

A view most of my readers have seen before, but just a few days old. You’re looking roughly west-northwest from the trail I took at Taos Valley Overlook in the preceding post, as if you were standing in the same place but turned 180° around. This is a telephoto shot, of course, with the top [...]


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