Valles Caldera

Warbler Staredown

maybe a yellow warbler

What are you looking at? Aren’t you late for a tattoo or something??

[Guest birdwatching report by special correspondent Juan del Llano] Okay, this guy (?) was in a ponderosa pine tree 10 feet from where they took the previous picture. I think it’s a yellow warbler, except it doesn’t have a streaked breast and I swear it’s bigger than a warbler. And have you ever noticed how [...]

Elk in the Grass

elk in the Valle Grande of the Valles Caldera

Always so cool to see these guys

This is the best I could do with a 300mm telephoto lens, but there they are, having a fine time in the Valle Grande of the Valles Caldera. There’s a single immature male in this photo. (A larger one was lost in the cropping.) You don’t have to drive to the Caldera to see elk [...]

A Sense of Space

small portion of the Valles Caldera

Medicine country

Another shot from the Valle Grande in the Valles Caldera between White Rock and Jemez Springs on New Mexico Route 4, a road I highly recommend if you don’t mind some truly scary switchbacks. (Don’t let Junior drive!) You have two assignments: 1) find the automobile, and 2) locate this forested lava dome in the [...]

A Wee Bit o’ the Caldera

Valles Caldera, NM

Ninety miles from touristy Taos

Welcome to the Valles Caldera, one of the most amazing places anywhere. Who knew an exploding volcano could leave such beauty behind after a million years? The sky and walking rain are most prominently featured in this shot. We’ll go in a little closer in the next one to give you a better sense of [...]

The Thing About New Mexico

Valles Caldera, NM


Via a series of 15 mph switchbacks, we’d just come over the rim of the Valles Caldera at 9,100 ft. A few more curves, and the road dropped into the Valle Grande. The broad flat valley is protected and shelters a considerable number of elk. I stopped at the first place I could. This was [...]



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