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A Zephyrous Notion

overurned lawn chairs

The nerve of that wind

It’s been a brilliant summer so far. If I didn’t wander outside of this chilly (!) adobe, I’d never know it was almost ninety degrees outside. It never gets above seventy in here. Hell, it never gets to seventy, except in the winter when I have the wood stove cranking. Just thinking about that gives [...]

Pilar, New Mexico

old stone building in Pilar

Turn-around spot on first dirt road

“I‘d like to turn around and drive up a couple of those roads we just passed. There’s a house for sale on one of them. Is that okay with you?” “Of course! It would be stupid not to look, as long as we’re here.” [Taking first of two dirt roads…] “Look, there’s a sign! But [...]

FrontierLand Update

trail at Taos Valley Overlook

Two hours on this trail. I met one other person.

The glorious false (?) mid-April weather continues! We’re running fifteen to twenty degrees above average and have been for some time. There are stirrings in the natural world. Ravens are building nests. The big black carpenter ants have awakened from their winter slumber in the rotten vigas and sent scouts into the kitchen. I heard [...]

Phasers on Stun

old adobe house in Taos, NM

Good luck to me, I’m gonna need it, or maybe it’s already here

Gorgeous, ain’t it? So I decided to share it with the world. Twitter is the fastest way to do this, since I have many times more followers than visitors to this blog. As I tweeted yesterday in quick succession: Hahaha! But oh so true. The best response I got to those was: [...]

Picuris Peak, 6:16 a.m.

Picuris Peak at dawn

Picuris in back, covered with clouds

Got up at 4:45 a.m. with a bursting bladder. Sky already turning gray from black. Back to bed, obviously, dragging dream baggage. Then that thing where you can’t breathe. Panic attack. Long slow breaths, brain racing for distraction so things settle down. Nope. Shit. Back out of bed, put on bathrobe, out to living room [...]


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