terrible high desert

Late Spring in the Boonies

high desert south of Taos, NM

Can’t get over how green it looks, and with hardly any rain

Behold The Terrible High Desert™ in all its horror, eh? Give me a place like this and we’re in business, but it hasn’t happened yet. Our buyer’s agent keeps sending me listings for houses in the sagebrush—there’s plenty in this view—and I just can’t relate. Rocks and hills and arroyos to explore is quite the [...]

High Desert Jungle Bunting

lazuli bunting

Lazuli bunting waiting in ambush for his prey

It looks like a jungle to me, anyway. After fifteen years in northern New Mexico, I figure if I ever see two contiguous green plants again, I’ll keel right over from the shock. That bird looks so perfect, like he’s stuffed. Maybe he is stuffed. Doesn’t that look like a diorama? Oh right, who knows [...]

If Your Sky Does This, You Win

spring sky over Tao Valley Overlook

A day at the office at the top of the world

Oh, what a day. Windy and wild! You could see and feel the cold air and moisture blowing down from Colorado. A hundred miles away in the direction you’re looking (WNW), the forecast was for one to two feet of wet snow. I love living at seven thousand feet. There’s something so healthy about it. [...]



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