Bye-Bye Baby Good-Bye

shadow on adobe wall

And now for something completely different

My wife came into the kitchen after getting the mail, both hands held behind her back. “Which hand?” she asked. I picked her right hand, and she gave me an envelope with a check from my late aunt’s estate. I couldn’t have guessed wrong, because there was another one just like it in her other [...]

House in Maine for Sale

house for sale in Maine

I took this shot in April. Lots greener now!

Someone needs to buy this. It’s my late Aunt Mary’s house in the country between Augusta and Vassalboro, Maine, about an hour from the ocean. Built in 1820 and extensively upgraded, it’s the kind of place I’d jump on if it were just a little cheaper (listed for $255K) and oh yeah, not in Maine. [...]

Out of the Woods [Revised]

Maine woods

Part of the old lady’s 32 acres in East Vassalboro, Maine

Flying is a silly way to travel. “Just takes a day to get there,” oh sure. I had to leave my 99-year-old dead aunt’s house in Maine in the wee hours of the morning to catch a 6:00 a.m. flight, so no sleep at all for 24 hours. The next two days back home in [...]

An Ocean for New Mexico

Reid State Park, Maine

Stood there half an hour, hardly comprehending

Gaze on this, ye dry ones, and despair! There’s plenty of water on the planet, just not in the Rio Grande or falling from the skies upon the land I love. What you see here is the Atlantic Ocean just off Reid State Park near Georgetown, Maine. I had to get away from crushing family [...]

Freddie’s Towing

Freddie of Freddie’s Towing in Vassalboro, Maine

I’ll be kinda sad to leave this place. Amazing, ain’t it?

My dead aunt’s dead Toyota leaves the premises! That’s Freddie, of course, whom I took an instant liking to. Freddie talks like no one I have ever met before, and I have been around. One could easily feel at home here up in backwoods Maine. Not for the mosquitoes, but the people. Freddie doesn’t know [...]



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