iPhone 6s Plus video, about 40 seconds. Be sure to bump it up to 720p! Behold the Rio Grande deep inside its canyon! I shot this video a couple of weeks ago at the Rio Grande del Norte National Monument a few miles north of Pilar, where Native hunters used to camp. I love that [...]

More Goods of the Dead

sleeping cat

No wimpy nonsense in my house »Buy This Photo!«

This keeps happening to me. Someone dies, and eventually I get stuff. Not that I mind. I come intensely alive in the presence of unopened tombs. Also garages, old suitcases, boxes, and drawers. Callie the Wonder Cat is curled up here with a bronze sculpture of mine (“Catbeast #4: Caterpillar from Mars”) and some goods [...]

Big Wild Space

Taos Valley Overlook scene

Gorge and green high desert with Tres Orejas volcano

The new glasses were amazing. Sharp and clear with unscratched polarized clip-ons. I felt like I could see forever. Maybe I could. Five years with the old pair and the old prescription. The glasses cost five hundred twenty-five dollars back then, too. The new ones were from across the ocean somewhere and cost seventy-five. Older [...]



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