Las Trampas on the High Road

San Jose de Gracia Church in Las Trampas, NM

That wall’s in need of mudding. Maybe in the spring?

Behold the San Jose de Gracia Church, also known as Church of Santo Tomas Del Rio de Las Trampas! Well, at least the gate. Trampas, I’m informed, means “traps,” perhaps alluding to the early fur trade in these mountains. Then again, New Mexico is weird, and trampas also serves for “clothespins.” Take your pick! The [...]

Christmas Day in Truchas

Truchas, NM

The things you’d see if you lived here, oh man

About an hour from where we live is the impossibly high village of Truchas, NM at a little over 8,000 feet. This is one stupendous topography we have in northern New Mexico. I’ll never get over how one can drive from sagebrush mesas to roaring mountain streams in under 30 minutes! And of course, there’s [...]

Happy Christmas Eve from Taos!

Taos Mountain in the snow and clouds

Taos Mountain two days ago (morning telephoto shot)

Well, let’s see: plenty of firewood? Check. Grocery shopping done? Check. Decorations up? Check. Presents, cards? Check—well, those that got done, at any rate. I’m gradually learning that the key to this is to try but not too hard. Anything that increases emotional pressure of any kind is out, and I mean anything. My wife [...]

Three Weeks Ago

Three Weeks Ago post image

A memorable Christmas in the terrible high desert

The pros won’t like this image—barely edited Photoshop HDR toning on an originally very dark photo—but I rather do. You’re looking at the “saloon,” where we spend 90% of our time in the winter. Just one room with my office beyond, but it’s always cozy because of the wood stove. This picture says “New Mexico” [...]

Week Ago Wood Pile

woodpile in the snow

Wonderful cured piñon from our once-in-a-lifetime wood guy (Thank you, Steve!)

Just realized this was actually Christmas Day! Oh well. “Nine-days-ago wood pile,” then. I never tire of taking pictures of the woodpile, though. It’s like photographing a loaded pantry or a beating heart. That may be a stretch for you, but you’re not living in a mud hut on this hillside at 7,060 ft. Sometimes [...]



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