Xmas Eagle

eagle over the rio grande

Snatched out of the sky from hundreds of feet away via 300mm telephoto lens

We were celebrating our own New Mexico Christmas by driving beside the Rio Grande north of Pilar, creeping along at fifteen miles per hour in second gear the way I do with no traffic when I’m looking to be surprised. As we approached a spot to pull off the road facing the river by an [...]

The White Eagle

1971 hippie

In ’71, looking like this in Arkansas wasn’t “hip” but dangerous!

[Rediscovered this piece today while culling material for a book. Originally published April 14, 2011—republished here with minor edits.] One afternoon almost forty-two years ago, I saw a white eagle. It was during my Arkansas woods hippie days. Five or six of us ended up together that spectacular summer of ’71 on 170 acres of [...]

Another World Down Here

landscape at the bottom of the Rio Grande Gorge

The terrible high desert strikes again

This is somewhere near the bottom of the Rio Grande Gorge, maybe twenty yards above and fifty in a straight line from the river. The top of the cliff is 800 feet above. The scene is more unusual than you might think. The humongous boulders, for example, but especially the really sturdy sagebrush and a [...]




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