4th of July (Video)

Aother one of “those” videos. Forgive me, I was into Andy Warhol once—but this one’s only half a minute long! (Be sure to set this thing to play at 720p, by the way.) It should be titled “Wind and Trees,” but since today is the 4th of July, that’s what you get. It very much [...]

Spring at 7,000 Feet

Looking northwest from Llano Quemado

This picture is so brilliant, I don’t know where to start

Warm and windy now, about 67 °F (19.5 °C), humidity 16%. You can do anything in weather like this, because the sun is glorious but you don’t get sweaty. So long as what you’re working on doesn’t blow away, it’s kind of miraculous, really. That cool/warm thing where you’re fine in shorts and T-shirt so [...]

Piñon Wind

Here’s about 90 seconds of video from Taos Valley Overlook for you. I was out there today, walked 3.5 miles with my ancient little Kodak Zi6 video thingie, and found all kinds of things to look at. When I put this together in iMovie, I had to turn the volume way down because of the [...]

Didn’t Take This Today

Kachina Peak from Taos Valley Overlook

Kachina Peak from Taos Valley Overlook on 3-19-13

How could I? You can hardly force your way outside, because it’s spring. That means a steady 25 mph wind at noon with gusts to 45. It’s also 34 °F and “feels like 23.” And 10 °F tonight! No kidding. I just looked outside at the woodpile and saw that my tarp was setting sail [...]



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