Solar Cure (Stargate)

old adobe interior in Taos

Sunny winters are a blessing, even in the cold

The mud in the road is drying. The wind blew all day today under a blue sky in full sun. That’ll always do a number on the dirt, which is why your garden shrivels up so fast. But we can drive out now without splashing through the batter. It’s been really bad for about three [...]

Didn’t Take This Today

Kachina Peak from Taos Valley Overlook

Kachina Peak from Taos Valley Overlook on 3-19-13

How could I? You can hardly force your way outside, because it’s spring. That means a steady 25 mph wind at noon with gusts to 45. It’s also 34 °F and “feels like 23.” And 10 °F tonight! No kidding. I just looked outside at the woodpile and saw that my tarp was setting sail [...]



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