4th of July

Mills Canyon, NM

Mills Canyon (google the sucker)

A JHF Classic from June, 2006. A column from Horse Fly, actually, an alternative Taos weekly of the time, only obliquely about the 4th of July. It has to do with things that matter. The last ten miles of rocky trail going down into the canyon took at least an hour, most of it in [...]

A Great Hurt

Llano Quemado

Wrecked bird feeder w/abandoned house

America was building prison camps. “The people in this country have no heart,” the young brown-skinned mother wept as the blackshirts finally released her daughter. Reunited but not safe, they both faced deportation back to violence and death unless they joined the thousands in the desert or in wire cages inside concrete caves, where the [...]

4th of July (Video)

Aother one of “those” videos. Forgive me, I was into Andy Warhol once—but this one’s only half a minute long! (Be sure to set this thing to play at 720p, by the way.) It should be titled “Wind and Trees,” but since today is the 4th of July, that’s what you get. It very much [...]



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