First Lazuli Sighting

lazuli bunting

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Spring is an exciting time for birdwatching at 7,000 feet in the southern Rockies due to the many migrating species that pass through here each year. This little guy, the lazuli bunting, is one of my favorites. I think the males (like this one) will show brighter and more saturated colors a little later in [...]

Bird City

downy woodpecker

Nice of this downy woodpecker to pose like that

Man, do we have the birds. (I know, there’s just this one here.) This afternoon there must have been two dozen bushtits on that same suet feeder; it reminded me of those old African nature movies where you see a hundred giant vultures strip a zebra carcass. Hmm. Actually, I think you have to be [...]

Bird Therapy

lazuli bunting

Lazuli bunting! Only the second one I’ve ever seen.

Ah, well. For a moment I forgot I was an immortal glowing ball of light. There is another way, of course. Just allow more seed! I mean, look what just showed up. This afternoon as I was walking in the Terrible Goddamn Beauty—not a thing to yearn for, get it straight—it occurred to me that [...]

Taos Spring 3

spring in Taos, NM


This is “down by the acequia.” Water is running high in the ditch just beyond my feet here where you can’t see. The reddish shoots are willows that the ditch cleaning crews usually cut down, but this year I haven’t seen them yet. I don’t know what the blooming tree is. The dark one in [...]

Fox(es) on the Prowl!

gray fox

This ain’t over yet

Talk about a biological disruptor… Everything is different at our rented adobe on the hillside, and it’s all his (?) fault. Furthermore, we can’t agree on whether the critter’s “big” or “small,” and I suspect there’s more than one. The first sighting was two weeks ago. There he was, plain as day, a fine gray [...]



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