septic tank

Domestic Considerations

interior of old adobe in Taos, NM

Shake the spiders out and keep on truckin’

It was another beautiful day here in el Norte. The photo was taken in the middle of June, but who cares? My wife is as beautiful as ever, and everything else is still the same. Or is it? Just yesterday the toilet wouldn’t flush (again), and I had to call Gilbert the Plumber. It had [...]

My Aim Is True

believe me, you don’t want to know

Don’t see any of this from our end

Now, this is familiar. At least it used to be, until the neighbors moved away. Ever since, the poor old outlaw Taos septic tank can sort of work, and my presence hasn’t been required. You’re looking at the back of our house with the dead landlord’s apartment. His hat and coat are still hanging on [...]

Sunday on the Rio II [Revised]

Rio Grande at Pilar, NM

Rio Grande at Pilar, looking upstream from the wooden bridge

It was warm yesterday when I shot this in the canyon at Pilar, low 70s, in fact. It probably looks the same today, but Nature’s serious and colder air is blowing in. We could even get a touch of snow tonight. Meanwhile back in Llano Quemado, invisible buzzards circle the the twin Adobes of Doom. [...]



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