Light Years

clouds over Taos, NM

Walking rain in the distance »Buy This Photo!«

I was just about to serve our dinner when I saw the battered Jeep Cherokee pull into the driveway. The driver stopped but left the engine running noisily, then got out and started walking to the door. I put down my spatula and went outside to meet him. Barefoot, as it turned out, which put [...]

New Garbage Can

garbage can and water towers outside of Taos, NM

Winter is approaching, this will stand out in the snow

Everyone else’s is dark brown and ours is green. For that and other reasons, this is kind of a special deal. For over ten years there’s been a sharing arrangement with the garbage can. When the dead landlord was alive, we had a bigger thing we called “the dumpster” that I burned up one night [...]

Sunday on the Rio II [Revised]

Rio Grande at Pilar, NM

Rio Grande at Pilar, looking upstream from the wooden bridge

It was warm yesterday when I shot this in the canyon at Pilar, low 70s, in fact. It probably looks the same today, but Nature’s serious and colder air is blowing in. We could even get a touch of snow tonight. Meanwhile back in Llano Quemado, invisible buzzards circle the the twin Adobes of Doom. [...]



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