Perfect Chevy

perfect Chevy

Cool, smooth, awesome (firme)

I don’t know what to say about this. Just look at it. I’ve been staring at the image for twenty minutes and can’t stop. It makes me feel good to connect with it on so many levels, and I’m a Ford guy. I love these cars because they’re labors of love. They radiate appreciation. What [...]

Road Rage

Bombshell Betty

Jeff Brock’s “Bombshell Betty,” about which more later!

I spotted the huge red Ford truck (an F-350?) from about a hundred yards away, barreling down unpaved Miranda Canyon Road toward the stop sign at the intersection up ahead the way so many do. The other guy could surely see me but apparently had no thought of stopping. Of all the nerve, I thought, [...]

My Aim Is True

believe me, you don’t want to know

Don’t see any of this from our end

Now, this is familiar. At least it used to be, until the neighbors moved away. Ever since, the poor old outlaw Taos septic tank can sort of work, and my presence hasn’t been required. You’re looking at the back of our house with the dead landlord’s apartment. His hat and coat are still hanging on [...]



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