Llano Quemado Report

muddy car

The amazing 2007 Pontiac Vibe. About 115,000 miles, over 30 mpg all the way. Great car!

Drove into town today to buy weird things to eat before the colonoscopy. Oh yeah, that’s happening—figured I’d jump on it now before the bastards screw up Medicare. You can guess the condition of the road. By that I mean the whole other dimension between us and the pavement. The holes are almost big enough [...]

Truer Words

old truck in Taos, NM

The metaphors write themselves

“We have to find a house!” she said. “If we don’t move, we’re going to die…” That’s the stage we’re at now, very handy for focusing the mind. I knew precisely what she meant. The meanness and tension alone would do the trick, accumulated hits that break you just for being here at all. Take [...]

Another Snow…

old Taos adobe in the snow

See another view of this on my About page

It snowed all day. It’s the middle of the evening now, and light snow is still coming down. There’s almost half a foot on the ground now, heavy wet stuff that’s really hard to shovel. I think it’s safe to say I’m tired of this, mainly because of our peculiar situation here. Everything was fine [...]

Never Mind Department

mud and snow

Ahhh, Taos

The post that previously occupied this spot did not withstand the test of time! (Like the last ninety minutes, say.) Nonetheless, enjoy this photo of the famous Llano Quemado water towers and the mud the mail lady turns around in. »Buy This Photo!«

Taos Mud

muddy Taos road

Actually, I’ve seen it much worse than this…

Halfway through the first big melt! We could have a party to celebrate the coming spring, except the guests would have to drive through shit like this. Most Taoseños would be used to it, though. Sigh. This spot is just past our “driveway” on a road that shall remain forever nameless, so I can tell [...]



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