September in the Gap

Llano Quemado

Monday evening. 70s, dry, no wind. Backlit gnats, piñon jays that want me gone.

It’s certainly been a while but I am back and gathering up the threads. Some I’ve tied together, others I’ve let blow away. Still living in the old adobe on the hillside dealing with Her Things—it does go slowly—and then the storage units. Lost at sea though better being in the moment. Sometimes I feel [...]

Never Mind Department

mud and snow

Ahhh, Taos

The post that previously occupied this spot did not withstand the test of time! (Like the last ninety minutes, say.) Nonetheless, enjoy this photo of the famous Llano Quemado water towers and the mud the mail lady turns around in. »Buy This Photo!«

Rio Grande Golden Locust

Rio Grande Golden Locust

Sighted at Taos Valley Overlook

The sturdy carapaces of these extremely rare creatures (saltamontes del oro) are actually coated in gold dust from digging burrows in gold-bearing ore deposits to lay their eggs. It is said that if you encounter one during mating season and follow from a safe distance, the insect may lead you to a claim. The hardy [...]



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