Ford F-150

Truer Words

old truck in Taos, NM

The metaphors write themselves

“We have to find a house!” she said. “If we don’t move, we’re going to die…” That’s the stage we’re at now, very handy for focusing the mind. I knew precisely what she meant. The meanness and tension alone would do the trick, accumulated hits that break you just for being here at all. Take [...]

Luck o’ the Irish

view frrom Llano Quemado

New Mexico weather early warning system shown. Three hours later it rained in town.

So many dreams lately, so many dreams… Last night in an Irish pub while I waited for my wife and our little blonde-haired daughter, the warmest, friendliest bartender I ever met handed me a stack of coins and said, “Everybody feels better with a little cash…” Out of the blue this was. I hadn’t been [...]

The Taos Crack

crack in windshield

Reflection is a rubber gila monster and a cow’s vertebra on the dash (out of view)

Everything was fine, and then the unseen rock or midnight BB gun. It sneaks up on you, you know. Year upon year. The things you tolerate, get used to. First there was a little chip, regrettable but part of the experience. This one formed a tiny cross one winter, little cuts of light into the [...]

Mountains in the Morning

Taos Mountain in the clouds

Taos Mountain, 3-19-2015, clouds streaming to the right into the morning sun »Buy This Photo!«

I took the truck to Reyes yesterday morning. It took a while to get there. Two tries, in fact. The ’87 F-150 had become almost impossible to shift. That model has a hydraulic clutch; I hoped it just needed bleeding. Believe me, this was an insider trip. As far as I can tell, the guy’s [...]

Living the Dream

old truck in Taos, NM

Doesn’t look too bad. Maybe I’ll fix the tires, suspension, steering, brakes, clutch, and oil leak.

Here we are again, just seventy-two hours after I was ready to blow up everything, toss the whole deal, run away and join the circus, you name it. Just rained right down again out of a clear blue sky. You really should have been here, it was just amazing. There I was, mad enough at [...]



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