Mesa Burrow

burrow on the mesa

Sangre de Cristos and mastodon burrow. Shadow heading back to underworld.

Walked right past it at first. Wow, that’s quite a burrow, I thought. It was definitely large and obvious enough to make me not want to hang around. Coyotes are always the first thing I think of, skunks second, raccoons third, then rabid badgers, spitting cobras, and so on. It’s probably possible to stand beside [...]

Demarcation Zone

Picuris Peak in frost south of Taos, NM

Lower slopes of Picuris Peak (telephoto)

The cat was scratching at the front door. She’s been known to rattle the door knob, but this wasn’t the case. I opened it, looked down, and she ran in with a rabbit almost half as long as she is. Young, but no baby. Left it jerking and bleeding with its mouth open and its [...]

Odebolt, Iowa

downtown Odebolt, Iowa

Johnny got the brick lust blues

America made me take this picture. The America that was. It wanted to say something, possibly “Help!” or “Look, I’m still here!” This scene really grabbed me. I can’t say why, but I’m usually stirred by darkness under the surface. Odebolt (“OH-dee-bolt”) appears to be doing all right, though. Industrial agriculture and will power keep [...]



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