dead flicker

A rather large bird

The window is thick plate glass. It needed to be. The flicker hit with a bam like a baseball and dropped into the tall grass trembling dead. By the time I walked outside to see, the bird was still and limper than limp. I picked it up by its silver feet. The feathers that looked [...]

Thank You Jesus for the Nails

Taos sunsets

Yet another sunset! Compensatory charm, you might say. I posted this image to Twitter early Friday evening: “From a wretched little dirt road on the south end of Ranchos de Taos,” as I recall. This is the only place I’ve ever lived where you can find trailers, dead cars, mudholes, and loose cows on top [...]

Don’t Let ‘Em Out at Sunset

driveway view at sunset with cat

This one’s been known to push it

We had a cat named Clementine once. She was a beautiful short-haired blue-black kitty with dark chocolate colored skin on the bottom of her paws. “Bad to the bone,” I always said of her. We lived out in the country on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. One evening she wanted to go out at sunset [...]

Night of the Ten Thousand Pound Eyelids

blacksmith shop at Kit Carson Museum in Rayado, NM

Blacksmith shop at the Kit Carson Museum in Rayado, NM

For weeks now at five o’clock or so most days, my wife’s been saying, with an incredulous look on her face, “Man, I am so knocked out!” Lately it’s been catching and I feel it, too. At first I blamed my nap lust on the ragweed. I tend to leave it growing much too long [...]

Mountain Message

Old Mike Peak in Taos, NM

Nothing made by humans in this view

You don’t know what this is until you see it and it’s gonna get you. Just let your eye be drawn to dead lower center in the shadows, in between the bands of sunlight. I didn’t see it until I opened the image on my iMac. It’s Old Mike Peak at 13,113 feet! Solid rock [...]


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