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old adobe interior

Check the window on the left to see how thick the walls are

Yes, friends, it took a week for ANOTHER DAY IN PARADISE: Notes from Taos to pass review at Apple, but now it’s live and you can buy it for $5.99. Apparently there were several direct links to Amazon in there—not allowed!—that I’d forgotten about, and it took a while to track them down. If you [...]

Wednesday Evening

lamp on table in Taos, NM

The Holy Javelina and the Rat

Man, I need a break. I’ve needed a break for years from trying to please, and please what, anyway? So here we are, ooookay… The new book* has had a pleasant, quiet splash which if replicated on a daily basis would improve more things than I can name. No less a reader than my sister-in-law’s [...]

Now at Amazon and iBooks!

The Helen Chronicles: When Your Mother Falls Apart

Let’s try this GIANT image just for fun

My latest book, The HELEN CHRONICLES, (32,788 words) is now live at Amazon. If you don’t have a Kindle, the free Kindle app (see sidebar at that link) works with everything else. Even better for this Apple fanboy, it’s available on iBooks, too. Behold the introduction from the book: The HELEN CHRONICLES is an annotated, [...]

Ebooks Updated!

new book covers for BUFFALO LIGHTS and TAOS SOUL

Back to work!

The new covers are gorgeous, and that’s not all: inside you’ll find revised introductions and back matter (the information after the last chapter) plus improved formatting—no more spaces between indented paragraphs, hallelujah! There’s a revised subtitle for the first one, too. The sampler ebook from Zoo Pilot Publishing (BUFFALO LIGHTS & TAOS SOUL: Eight of [...]



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