New Book Launch!


Let there be no more mud forever

Hah! Big enough for you? I don’t have a page for it here yet, but you can grab it now at Amazon. It’s also at the iBooks Store and was approved but later put under review because of an overlooked link to an Amazon page—big no-no! I’ve fixed all that, and now we have to [...]

I Think I Know What This Is


Why not buy now before you know you need one?

The silly thing is, I can’t tell anyone yet. But it’s slowly emerging. The image came together in front of me one night back in July. The buffalo skull portion started as a digital tracing of a photo on a card my wife’s mother sent us before we moved out here from Maryland. The “goddamn [...]

Now at Amazon and iBooks!

The Helen Chronicles: When Your Mother Falls Apart

Let’s try this GIANT image just for fun

My latest book, The HELEN CHRONICLES, (32,788 words) is now live at Amazon. If you don’t have a Kindle, the free Kindle app (see sidebar at that link) works with everything else. Even better for this Apple fanboy, it’s available on iBooks, too. Behold the introduction from the book: The HELEN CHRONICLES is an annotated, [...]

TAOS SOUL Book Trailer (Video)

More fun with iMovie: give a man a Mac and a blustery Saturday afternoon and he makes a book trailer. [NOTE: v.3 above] As usual, the video is HD and there’s 1:53 of it. For best results, set your YouTube player to 720p. There’s a lunatic impersonating me from almost seven years ago. The soundtrack [...]

Ebooks Updated!

new book covers for BUFFALO LIGHTS and TAOS SOUL

Back to work!

The new covers are gorgeous, and that’s not all: inside you’ll find revised introductions and back matter (the information after the last chapter) plus improved formatting—no more spaces between indented paragraphs, hallelujah! There’s a revised subtitle for the first one, too. The sampler ebook from Zoo Pilot Publishing (BUFFALO LIGHTS & TAOS SOUL: Eight of [...]



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