Into the Gila

Gila Wilderness

Oh my look out

WOKE UP AT 3:00 A.M because a female voice was saying, “Let me in,” but I was dreaming in the dream. Walked to my front door and opened it. All was pitch black, scary, no one there. Turned on the outside light and flung the screen door open. Something caught my eye off to the [...]

Seeing to the Bottom

mountain meadow with creek

I wonder if there are frogs as well. Might be too cold for them!

Now this was quite a treat. There I was at over nine thousand feet in the freaking wilderness, somewhere between Tres Piedras and the Brazos Cliffs, walking toward a marsh. Well, a creek, but spread out wide and marshy. An actual wetland shimmering in the sun. No birds or elk, though, surprising only if we [...]

Thursday Morning Just Below the Clouds

mountain valley west of Taos

Back country south or west of Hopewell Lake (who knows?)

The road my friend and I took to get here, a crashing tumble off a rocky mountain and just possibly the roughest road I’ve ever seen, bears no relation to the gentle thing you see above. Even that turned impassable just around the bend, where far below in a gorgeous mountain valley,* two cowboys on [...]

Glory Days

NM wildflowers

Gratefully we sneeze

Look around you, it’s happening right now. Everything in this image is a gift, the asters and the chamisa and whatever the hell the others are. The mountains and the sky. Our trip to Alamosa yesterday, my god. The vistas and the weather. We drove through actual rain. On the way back early in the [...]

Welcome Home

Somewhere in the wilderness of northern New Mexico

Keeping watch for bigger things

A couple of years before we moved to New Mexico, we were driving through el Norte on a trip. An outing north of Taos brought us to the Wild Rivers Recreation Area (now part of the Rio Grande del Norte National Monument). I was astounded by the remoteness of the place as well as the [...]



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