West Virginia

Riding the Wave

family portrait from the 1940s

L to R: George, Bob, Mary, Helen, Johnny, Joyce, Elsie, Grace, & John

Just look at those happy people! That’s a photo my grandmother labeled “the Farr tribe” from late spring many years ago in Chestertown, Maryland. In the main row from the left, that’s Granddad, Uncle Bob, Aunt Mary, my mother Helen, Aunt Elsie holding cousin Joyce, Granny, my father John, with me in the propeller beanie [...]

There’s no way I can tell you when I came into possession of this thing, but perhaps my wife remembers. It may have been in a box of family relics Granny gave me, who knows? But it’s a typical Farr family artifact, because it’s totally plebian: a kitchen fork… I know it belonged to her [...]



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