Mountain Rain

It’s raining in the mountains near Taos, NM

Rain moving right to left over Taos Pueblo lands

We can have giant storms you see from over ninety miles away. They take years to get here, but when they do they’re as big as Oklahoma and make all kinds of scary noises. There’s always a big wind from the rapid evaporative cooling that takes place overhead in ten percent humidity, and that whips [...]

Monsoon Season

rain clouds over Taos Valley

Taos Valley Overlook (of course) on a recent evening

No, we’re not exactly underwater here, although Albuquerque got hit with a monster storm the other day. But there hasn’t been a summer like this for a few years. The way it works (when it does work) in the desert southwest is, humid air sweeps up from Mexico and we have thunderstorms in the afternoon [...]



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