Taos Pueblo

Miss Native American

Miss Native American NMSU 2013-2014

Taos Pueblo rocks

Happy to be able to post this! Meet Valerie Lujan, Miss Native American NMSU (New Mexico State University) 2013-2014. This is another shot from the Taos Fiestas parade on July 21 and a welcome counterpoint to my earlier post about that day. Ms. Lujan is a tribal member of Taos Pueblo and got a great [...]

Pow-Wow Incident

pow-wow announcer

Pow-wow announcer studying the program or looking at his phone

Someone was watching me, or was I mistaken? I took a couple of steps to the side and turned away to take a picture. Damn! No, there she was, a short, thin 60-ish woman with curly gray hair and a big rain hat, circling around to peer back at me. It wasn’t raining. I stared [...]

Faces in the Dance

dancer at Taos Pueblo pow-wow

Too many photographers! Shooting between heads, sigh.

This is from the 7:30 p.m. Grand Entry at the 2013 Taos Pueblo Pow-wow. My wife says I don’t like to take pictures of people, but that’s not true: it’s just that I’m shy, and the photos have to be candid ones. This means a lot of sneaky pictures with the telephoto lens. Unfortunately, there [...]

Truchas Peaks as seen from Taos Pueblo pow-wow grounds

I once saw Lauren Hutton at that now-defunct Chevron station. She wasn’t happy.

This view to the south is from yesterday evening at the Taos Pueblo Pow-wow, which actually takes place in the buffalo pasture. Don’t ask me what they did with them. The pow-wow grounds were dotted with ample evidence of their having been there, though! On the same theme, one of the sponsors of this year’s [...]

Pow-wow Grand Entry (Video)

Here’s where I was this evening. This quick little movie will give you a taste, at least. I actually blended the grand entry itself with something I thought the announcer said was the “national anthem”—the long clip focused on the one singer—though you won’t hear any Francis Scott Key in there. (Is there a Tiwa [...]



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