Glory and Surprise

Taos sunset

For behold!

This was Thursday’s sunset, but the colors are similar to what we saw on Tuesday evening coming back from Alamosa, Colorado on U.S. 285. The drive is spectacular under any conditions, and you get this hugeness in the West. That last hour from the Colorado line to Taos just kills me fucking dead. The isolation [...]

Mesa Burrow

burrow on the mesa

Sangre de Cristos and mastodon burrow. Shadow heading back to underworld.

Walked right past it at first. Wow, that’s quite a burrow, I thought. It was definitely large and obvious enough to make me not want to hang around. Coyotes are always the first thing I think of, skunks second, raccoons third, then rabid badgers, spitting cobras, and so on. It’s probably possible to stand beside [...]



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